A compass and map on the floor of an area.

Unique Rainwater Harvesting Solutions

Raynesphere is a company that resets rain activity and patterns. The hardware used are mirrors (small in size), operated from ground level, in conjunction with the sun and a body of water. A low-pressure system will be pulled in to deliver moisture to a designated target area. Like a magnet - water draws water.

Sunlight is attracted to a body of water, and the larger the body of water, the more solar energy it will absorb. A drop of water is made up of a hydrogen atom, an oxygen atom, and on the other side of the oxygen atom, another hydrogen atom, with the result being that the oxygen side has a slightly negative charge and the side with the hydrogen atoms has a slight positive charge. When the positive side of one water molecule comes near the negative side of another water molecule, they attract each other and form a bond. This is called cohesion. Like a magnet, water will pull together. Thus, water is cohesive and adhesive. The sun and mirrors are used to angle the sun rays back into the atmosphere when the humidity is at its highest, causing the water molecules to be stimulated and attracted to each other, creating a stronger unified magnetic pull.

To draw a rain event into a target area, the process is performed for a short period of time each day for about four to seven days. This will steer in a rain event. The weather then returns to pre-existing conditions. For continued rain events, the process needs to be repeated after each rain event.

How we target an area has only been accomplished by years of experimenting with mirror angles, the sun, humidity levels, a body of water, and the timing of the day. This process can be done from extreme distances from the target, taking into account - mirror angles, time of day, sun's intensity, and the curvature of the earth.

Our method has the potential to help with drought, fires, low lake levels, snow deficiency, water storage/banking, and deflecting hurricanes.

If you feel any skepticism, we are happy to demonstrate for you. We are here to help, and you will like our success rate.