The 2017 ND-SD
Demonstration for a
Severe Drought

In July 2017-Montana, South Dakota, and North Dakota were going through a serious drought. In June 2016, I contacted John Tubbs, Director of the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation of Montana, and Darin Langerud, Director of the Atmospheric Resource Board, to verify if I needed a permit or license to perform my procedure in their state. They deemed I did not. I contacted a farmer and rancher in Bowman County, North Dakota, to set up a demonstration. The procedure was started on July 12, 2017. The following are email and photo slides of forecast and radar in a time frame of July 10 through July 19, 2017.


An Analysis

Bismarck National Weather Service Hydrologist, Allen Schlag, wrote this article in the Bismarck Tribune on July 19, 2017. I stopped the demonstration on the 18th.

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