A Documentary of 2021 SD Demonstration Events

In July 2021, I contacted a farmer in the Winner, South Dakota area, which was in a severe drought. I explained to him what the Raynesphere company does and what it can accomplish. We set up a specific time for a demonstration where there was no rain in the forecast. The following is a documentary of these events.

A blue screen with the text " main started on this day ".

Starting date for the demonstration was agreed upon for July 31, 2021. This screenshot was made on that day to show no rain was in the forecast.

A couple of pictures showing the same weather map

These screenshots were taken on the 6th day into the demonstration. Note the severe weather warnings and the date and time for the screenshots.

A map of the united states with a red arrow pointing to it.

This screenshot was taken after midnight on the 7th, showing the only significant rain event in the entire US. The path of the low is shown by the red line. The low is being drawn in toward the area where the procedure took place.

A weather app with the weather forecast displayed.

This screenshot was taken showing the low that was drawn in by the procedure. Note - more rain is forecasted on the 8th. This was not forecasted at the start of the demonstration. The Winner area received over half an inch of rain.