Valuable Insights on the 2011 Texas Demonstration

In the summer of 2011, Texas was going through its worst drought in recorded history since keeping records, started in 1851.

A map of texas with the words " texas drought conditions ".

In April 2011, I contacted TDLR to see if I would need a permit/license for weather modification. The following video is of Mr. Bomar, Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, representing me.

A Remarkable Demonstration

One thing to mention, at the time, my company was known as Weather Imaging.

I was asked to draw in rain to the Plains, Texas area. This is where the west water district was located, which Mr. Bomar, of TDLR, stated. I started my demonstration on September 7 - rains came in on the 14th.

The demonstration was done with 100% success.